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How to Choose A Website Design Company That Is Perfect for You?

By uiuxabhi | March 8th 2021

Did you know that a user forms an opinion of your website in 0.5 seconds?

As per Hook Agency, 94% of impressions on a webpage are due to its design. That means, if your WWW site doesn’t seem appealing to the viewer, they may as are cryptocurrency flash loans a method of hacking? well press the ‘backspace’ key in less than 1 second. Hence, it’s vital to choose a website design company that does not just fulfill your requirements but also adds their opinions to drive more traffic to your webpage.

Strategies related to web design change every day. Unless you are a web developer or a techno freak, it won’t be possible for you to keep track of this field’s latest developments.

By hiring a company that makes use of the strategic approach and website design software is the best option to go about it. And I write this with a lot of confidence because after trying my hands on building my website using website builder apps, I hit a dead-end very soon. And then the hunt began!

Now that I am acquainted with every possible area where you could go wrong, I’ve curated a step-by-step process that may help you choose a perfect website design company in just a few minutes.

Let’s get started!

Selecting A Prospective Web Design Company

Some animated characters thinking How to choose the best web design company.

It is the first and the most challenging move. Prepare a list of agencies that are on top of their respective fields that require research and diligence. But with the help of Google My Business, things have been made easier for us.

All you need to do is type in the relevant keywords, such as “Top 10 web design companies in India 2021”. You may also try to find a company based on their digital marketing expertise as we can talk about ‘Mad Brains’ having a team of well-experienced web designers whose sole main objective is to provide the best IT solutions in India.

Remember, the right keyword lands you in the right place. So, choose your keywords carefully.

Establishing the First Contact

The website owner and the designer are establishing the first contact.


Sending an email is the first thing that we do to get in touch with a professional organization. And I sure did that too!

However, I found that communicating via email is very slow. Hence, I started calling them. Surprisingly, talking to a website design company gets your job done faster.

Ensure that you talk to such agencies over the phone, ask them a list of questions (which is the next step), and then if you like them, ask them to send an official email with a quote and further details.

How much does it cost to design a website?

A website design with a dollar sign which specifies the amount needed to design a website.


Wondering about how much cost you have to incur for a website. Always remember that a good website can make you money. And there are several factors involves in the website designing process including the number of pages, design style, database integration, e-commerce functionality, Content Management System (CMS), and many more.

The estimated cost of maintaining a website varies from $10,000 to $130,000 per year. You can also get instant quotes by contacting our web design agency ‘Mad Brains’ where our representatives will assist you at their best.

The Questionnaire

Website owner is asking questions to website designer related to their work


Yes, this is where the fun begins. Once you’ve got hold of the list of web design companies you want to interview, here are some questions that will help you choose the perfect one for you.

  1. What Industries Have You Previously Worked For?
  2. Is User experience important to you? If yes, then what’s your approach towards the same?
  3. Do you use WordPress as your content management platform? Or do you have your own/some other CMS?
  4. Explain the steps that you would take to make this project a success?
  5. Are you available to make amends after the project is complete?
  6. Does your company also specialize in (additional skills such as digital marketing)?
  7. What website design software do you use?
  8. How much does it cost to design a website?

Only 4 out of the 10-website design companies that I’d selected were able to answer all of the above questions.

The Final Step

An animated lady is moving upstairs which shows she is towards the final step of choosing a web design agency


Once you’ve chalked down the list based on the appropriate answers, the final step is to ask for an official email. The email is an essential part of the job as it lays out ground rules, strategy, time span, and cost.

In the end, I was able to find just the agency that could perfectly design my website. And I did not hit any dead ends there.

After all, to get a perfect website, you need to leave the job at the hands of the perfect website design company. For any query, you can mail us at themadbrainsinfo@gmail.com.


Website Design Company | How to Choose Perfect for You

Looking for the perfect website design company? Our guide will help you choose the ideal experts to bring your online vision to life.

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