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Step 1

Research Driven

I utilize the power of big data and research to reveal never-before-realized insights, leading to transformational and sometimes, even fundamental change.

Step 2

User Focused

I design user interfaces that collectively improve your client’s experience while connecting to your brand and business.

Step 3

Systematically and Thoroughly Tested

My solutions get validated through real-life simulations before delivery, which guarantees outcomes beyond expectations.

Step 4

Ensuring Financial Impact

I make sure to deliver results that impact the bottom line immediately, significantly and sustainably. I am a prime UI/UX designer and a founder of ‘MadBrain’ branding company based in India. I offer a host of solutions that can help your brand to touch heights you never thought possible. Here how I start working from the drawing board and finish with the delivering of exceptional products, services and solutions.

Step 5

Start with Strategizing A Solid Action Plan

When you hire me to design a digital product, I start in-depth researching and make myself go through an immersive discovery period in your brand and business. I, as UX designer, research about stakeholders and user base, analyze competitors and come with a primary concept. All these results in a detailed action report that ensures a holistic user and brand experience, if executed properly.

Step 6

Brand development

Branding, nowadays, is mostly about how it affects your customer’s mind and their overall feelings about your company. Although a logo is a substantial part of branding but that is not everything. Rather than just digital design or a visual identity, branding is coherence with all touchpoints and mediums. I am a brand designer and builder offering a comprehensive branding solution including, naming, designing logos and icons, and styling.

Step 7

Create Consistent User Experience

For a digital product, UI/UX design has been the most defining aspect lately. I am a full-service UI/UX designer with a focus on increasing engagement, conversion and eventually customer satisfaction. My UI/UX design services don’t just stop at creating web and mobile applications or building cross-platform digital user interfaces, I also help a business in conceptualizing a brand, new product or service that would have abilities to offer extraordinary usability within your brand’s image.

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I have decades of experience in the UI/UX designing field, strictly work under the tight guidelines and set
timeframe to deliver you the product that you admired the most.

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